5 Trails. 8 Countries. 5700 km.

Hello, All! In my last post, I was enjoying a few hard-earned days of relaxation in Nice on the French Riviera drinking beer on the beach with new friends from a hostel after finishing the Red Trail, the longest of the Via Alpina network.  Shortly thereafter, I began the lengthy trek back north along the … Continue reading 5 Trails. 8 Countries. 5700 km.


Red Trail: Victory!

Hello to all my readers from warm and sunny Nice! I know what you're thinking--Nice?  Weren't you going to Monaco?  Well.  After finally winding my way through Liguria, down through the hanging villages of southern France and at last arriving on the Mediterranean Sea, I arrived at the final destination of the Red Trail, Monaco, … Continue reading Red Trail: Victory!

A Rough Start

I find myself watching gathering rain clouds in the distance from my hotel window.  My legs are swollen from the blood and muscles that I have been burning every day, and my feet still ache.  For the first time almost three weeks, I am clean enough to walk into a public place without getting stared … Continue reading A Rough Start

Moving North

After struggling over the rocky, broken trail of Pennsylvania, the AT crosses into many smaller, New England states, and I found myself entering a new state every few days.  From New Jersey, I entered New York, then, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and on to Vermont and New Hampshire.  I was still making exceptionally good time, and catching … Continue reading Moving North